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Minimal eBay theme

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Professional eBay templates on a budget

Over the last 15 years Frooition have worked tirelessly to create and refine the perfect eBay listing layout. Showing huge growth for sellers through well thought layout, intelligent features and powerful cross promotion.

To help newer sellers we have distilled the proven layout & functionality from our professional design services to create a lower priced offering: the Minimal eBay Theme

The minimal theme combines the outstanding mobile responsive layout, powerful Frooition eBay software, and proven features outlined below.

How will it grow my business?

  • Save yourself hours of work organising your listings with a proven layout
  • Use the design straight away - No design time, just apply to your existing live listings
  • Stand out from the crowd and beat your competition
  • Look professional and perfect on all devices
  • Stand out as a business seller not a hobby seller
  • Show off your entire product range with categories
  • Sell more products with cross promotion - win business from your competition
  • Other customers have grown sales by up to 30%
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Compare with Advanced design:

FeatureMinimal ThemeAdvanced Design
What does it look like?Minimal eBay DesignAdvanced eBay Design
Custom design based on your requirements
Use your own logo
Proven 3 column layout
Dynamic Categories
Dynamic related cross promotion
Seller Information tabs
Dynamic related cross promotion
Full access to the Frooition listing tool
Free trial: Image hosting
Free trial: Bulk revision
Free subscriptions included:1 Month1 month
Subscription cost (After free period):US $41.25 per monthUS $41.25 per month

What's Included?


Advanced Section Use your own logo Store Link Dynamic Categories Dynamic Top-level Categories Image Gallery Links Repeat your logo Dynamic Cross Promo Tabs Description

Minimal theme features:

  • 3 column product page design
    • Dynamic categories that auto update Unique
    • Dynamic cross-promotion Unique
    • Mobile responsive & compliant
    • Fixed gallery layout
    • Seller info tabs
  • Frooition Software Access
  • 1 month hosting and delivery

Frooition Software:

  • List directly to eBay
  • Update live listings
  • Bulk apply design
  • Update promotions & terms
  • Generate templates for all listing tools
  • Full software features

No design process:

  • Upload your logo/company name in a simple form
  • Full & rapid design installation
  • One-click apply the design to your live products Unique

Unique Features

Dynamic Categories (Unique to Frooition):

  • Automatically updates categories, no re-listing required
  • Saves hours of time
  • Do not need to manage links or edit code
  • Always up to date, no dead links, much better shopping experience for your buyers.
Dynamic Cross Promotion (Unique to Frooition):

  • Automatically show more related items.
  • Customized per category/product basis - (cross promote similar items you sell, or add on items) -Watch the Video
  • Proven to increases average order values
  • Retains the buyer on your listings, so they do not search the whole of eBay and buy elsewhere
Custom Promotional Areas:

  • Ability to add in your own promo banners and content into multiple areas of the template.
  • Whether it be a shipping banner, returns banner, confidence building banner – you name it you can add it.
  • Freedom to further customize how info is displayed within your new design.
Multiple Tab Sets:

  • Need different terms for different products? Our multi tabbed content allows you to create different sets of information.
  • Easily changeable via the Frooition software - Watch the How-to video
  • Easy to change the content and update live listings via the Frooition software - How to Guide

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